Thursday, August 23, 2012

Animal Print, Lace and Oxfords

Marc Jacobs Fall 2011  Definitely in the market for a lace dress this season.lace oxfordsOxfords  oxfordszebra jacketlace lace lace laceFall animal print

                 Navy Lace     Lace Oxfords     Printed Oxfords     Zebra     Black Lace     Cheetah

This post is dedicated to the Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) project#61.  The challenge was to create a post detailing my inspiration for Fall fashion (my favorite season).  Uncommon and IFB are working together to create a Fall inspired IPhone case.  Check out the details here.  This is my first time participating in any IFB project.  Wish me luck =)

  • Animal print is my all time favorite trend for any season.  It's become a classic.  Both zebra and cheetah coats in these photos excite me.  They're fashion forward yet you can pair them with anything and look chic.
  • I chose lace and oxfords because I like the feminine vs masculine vibe of the neutral oxfords in the second photo.   Oxfords are a must have for Autumn.  I will pair them with dresses, trousers, jeans and skirts this Fall.  The lace gives a feminine twist to a otherwise masculine look.  Fashion is about mixing trends, prints and texture.  It's what makes style fun.    
  • Just as oxfords can be girlified, lace can be toughened up by adding the right accessories and shoes.  A black long sleeved lace dress is on my Fall list for holidays.  


  1. Good luck in the project! I love all of these Fall pieces you've chosen. Those lace oxfords are amazing! Boyish and girly all in one! <3