Tuesday, September 18, 2012

IFBCON snapshots

I took in quite a load of information at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference earlier this month.  Read my previous post here.  Original content, finding and maintaining your voice, communicating with others are the main themes prevalent throughout the conference.  These are all vital to creating a successful blog.  What does it mean to be successful?  Well, the answer differs for everyone.  It could mean working with brands you love, increased page views, or it could be as simple as inspiring others.  You define your success and that is what I have learned this year.  Happiness is how you see yourself and feel content with the results.  
Here are some snapshots of IFBCON Fall 2012:

I want to take my blog in a specific, new direction.  I'll tell you about my idea in upcoming posts.  Have a great week!

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