Sunday, September 23, 2012

The best coat for your body type: H&M edition

Yesterday was the first official day of Fall.  Breezy mornings and hot chocolate filled nights await me.  This is by far my favorite season.  Soon, the NYC weather will bless (or curse) us with its presence.  I always have trouble finding the best fitting coat for my body type.  Honestly, I never considered my body type when purchasing a coat.  There are three factors present when I look for a coat: color, versatility and price.  I have done some research to figure out which coats are suitable for different body types, keeping in mind price and style.  I found these on H&M website:

If you're busty:
  • Single breasted
  • Mid-thigh length or longer
  • Avoid fabrics with extra bulk
H&M, 69.95

If you're pear-shaped:
  • Knee length
  • Empire style
  • Details on top
H&M, 59.95

If you're petite:
  • short
  • hits just below your hips
H&M, 49.95
If your tall:
  • knee length or longer
  • avoid short styles, they cut your body in half
H&M, 129

I will definitely take into account my body type while shopping for a coat this season.  Happy shopping!

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  1. One of my favorite coats is from H&M!