Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nail ideas for Halloween

October is my favorite month.  Not only because of my birthday, but Autumn happens to be my all time favorite season.  The weather is just right.  The fashion is exciting.  And it marks the start of the holiday season.  Halloween can be fun for all ages.  Trick or treating, planning an awesome costume, watching scary movies or going to a spooky bash are only some ways to enjoy the holiday.  My next few posts will consist of Halloween related things.  Enjoy!

Which is your favorite??


  1. All of them look great but the first one is my favorite! :)

    How abt following each other? Let me know if You would like to and i would love to follow you back.

    ~ Seepz

    1. The first is also my favorite! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am checking yours now =)